Sunday, July 09, 2006

First frustration

This little piece of paper was difficult to get. First, I called three different consulates. Then I even had my girlfriend call and ask what the process was in Korean as some of the people did not speak English well. Chicago was nice and Houston was very rude but and Alanta was also short of complete instructions. The lady in Houston was very short, could not speak English well at all, and just plain rude. She had a terrible tone of voice and was eating while she spoke to me on the phone. In the end, it was her instructions I went by and it was her instructions that were wrong.

I had not got the copies of my diploma certified. During my second go around, I was suppose to get the certified with a stamp that embroiders the paper. These are impossible to find. Nobody uses them anymore. After calling the consulate, I was able to get them to accept the rubber stamp notary that are current these days.

Anyway, I have received the stamped and notarized copy of my diploma and have sent it to Korea along with my employment contract, copy of my passport, passport photos, copies of my transcripts and my resume. After this material is processed then I can begin the next part of my visa application process. After sending more information and an application to Houston, my E-2 visa for South Korea will be issued.

Hope all goes well and if it does, I will be in Korea by July 24th teaching English.


Blogger spacecowboys said...

you should'a given them your master's diploma ... it would'a had more clout... and besides i want to see it.

2:28 PM  

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