Friday, February 29, 2008

Back in town!

My mattress is hard. I might say it is the hardest mattress in the world, but I know better. Still it is by far the hardest mattress I have ever slept on, but lots of people I have met living in the same building I live have the same model, and down the road there is a store that sells mattresses literally made out of stone, STONE. So what can I say? I am back in the land of hard mattresses, the land of the hot chili pepper, and the land congested cities built in between beautiful mountains. I am in Korea. To be more exact I am in Daegu, one of the larger cities in Korea. To be even more exact I am at Keimyung Univeristy and I have a feeling that after I get use to a hard mattress, lots of chili pepper, and a few other things that this is going to be an exciting and wonderful trip.

I will be teaching introductory English speaking classes at Keimyung starting next week. I am really excited about this job, and for the first time in my life people didn’t tell me, “Noooo, Don’t do that!” Studying psychology but not getting a PhD, joining the Peace Corps, going to graduate school to study religious studies, and coming to Asia to teach English were all decisions that I made that people tried to talk me out of, but they were also all decisions that led me here today. Anyway, it was nice to do those things as difficult as they were and all the problems they entailed, but now it seems like I have good reason to be hopeful, and I am not the only one that thinks so.

It seems as if I have been lucky to get a very respectable job, even among the teaching jobs in Asia. If that wasn’t enough, I live in a nice enough residence. If that wasn’t enough, I have met a lot of wonderful and intelligent people already having only lived in Daegu for only a handful of days. And if that wasn’t enough, I will even have enough free time to do what matters most in life to me, be spiritual, have fun, and go on adventures. Some of these adventures I am hopeful to be able to share with you.

So for now I will just say hi to everyone. To all those I left behind, I will miss you, but will be back again. To all those I am coming back to, I would like to say hi and I am looking forward to going to party soon.

Hope and Happiness,



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