Sunday, July 23, 2006


Well, what can I say? To some of you I didn’t say goodbye, to others I didn’t even say I was leaving, and I apologize. I have been busy, really busy. First, it was getting a job, then it was packing my stuff, lastly it was moving and packing and it has all been long and intense to get here.

So where is here? It is Seoul, Korea. Actually, it is a city called Anyang but I like to say Seoul. Anyang is a little South of Seoul and could be considered a suberb.

What am I doing? I ask myself that too but it seems like I have found my way into a position as an English teacher doing after school tutoring at a private school/academy known as a haegwon in Korean. Such schools are extremely popular and almost every Korean school kid attends such an academy.

I am staying in a little place, kind of dorm roomish I guess but still good enough to live in. I am still working on getting a phone, internet, and who knows what else so my communications will be spotty for a while. On top of that I won’t have a lot of free time to write because my first month here happens to be during a “summer intensive” session which means lots of hours, lots of teaching, and lots of work for me to do. Hope I can do it all ready. I was only in the country for less than a couple hours before I was given a stack of nine books by my boss at my school that I am suppose to go through today and start teaching out of tomorrow.

Worse, I don’t know what I am going to where tomorrow for school. Seems as if all my luggage from America has been lost so yes, I have been wearing the same pair of underwear for the last 40 hours. I shall let you all know when I get clean pair on and until then. Peace and light.

Also, I am starting a blog with my Korean adventures. It will be cool, have lots of neat pics, and should be worth checking out now and then.



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glad you made it !!! wish i were there!!!

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