Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting Started!

This is just a little note let everyone know how I am doing. The first 11 weeks of class have gone by and the midterms are done, graded, and handed back. Not all my students are happy with me after the test they just took, but in life I can’t make everyone happy, at least not anyway I have figured out. Overall my job is the best I have ever had and that is something to rejoice about. I often set back in certain classes while going to school and reflected on what it would be like to be an instructor at a University. My conclusion at those times was that as long as there was not too much in the way of out of the classroom responsibilities then it would be a great job. I seem to have landed one of those jobs and I just might have been right. J

Of course, I am not always right about everything or even most things. I have moved to the city of Daegu in Korea. It is the third largest city, pretty big by most people’s standards with a couple of million people, but still I find that I am left wanting more. I want more variety of food, more places to go, more friends, and of course as always more adventure, and an ocean view wouldn’t be all that bad either. If I had stayed in Seoul, I would have had the nightlife of Korea. Even if I had moved to Busan, the second largest city, I would have been better off then I am now and even had an ocean to play beside, which is something even Seoul does not have to offer. But I will get two months vacation between the school semesters and being only few hours away from Seoul one way and a couple of hours away from the ocean Busan the other way, I am hoping to get out more often.

I will probably be going to Busan to visit the ocean by bus or Seoul by train but here in Daegu I will be cruising my recently purchased 125cc motorcycle! Haha, actually it is a bit of an old and small clunker, but it gets me around town. I just have to tell myself that when people look and laugh that two wheels is all too often better than two legs. Still I would like to have something prettier and cooler, but I am happy for now.