Monday, August 14, 2006

work, work, what!

Anybody who knows me well knows I have said and has heard me say probably often, “I will not ever have any kids.” so I sit here in Korea and look in the mirror and wonder after a terribly long day, “why, oh why, did I sign up for being with kids 11 hours a day?” hmmm, then I am reminded of my answer, money, adventure, excitement and of course teaching is a noble living. So far, it is only the noble living that I have experienced. Well, let me take that back. I have had lots of excitement and adventure, just not the type I had wanted in the first place and I definitely have not seen any of the money. I was thinking more excitement and adventure by way of going someplace cool and doing some exotic thing, not excitement and adventure by way of trying to figure out how to get home or even order food or even figure out how to use a phone, subway or taxi (still don’t know about the Post Office or my washing machine because it is all in Korean).

All that will hopefully change soon. First of all, because I will finally get paid for all the work I am doing. Second of all, because my long workdays won’t be so long anymore. I am working 11 hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; I work from 9AM to 8PM. Too much if you ask me. Tuesdays and Thursdays are a little shorter 9AM till 4PM, just a normal job. If everyday was like those, I would be fine.

“Soon” I tell myself “soon”. Starting next week everyday will be much more like my Tuesdays and Thursdays. I will start working at 2PM till 10:15PM. Not too short but still better than what I was doing before, plus I don’t have to wake up early. But Tuesdays and Thursdays will be where life is nice, 5PM till 9:30PM. Well, this is how I think it will be anyway, who will really know but I will keep you all informed. But wouldn’t it be a sweet deal? How sweet the sweet is when the sour is so sour! Maybe in a little while I shall have more time and money to experience life instead of just work.

It has not all been work and getting adjusted to Korea. I did have a nice time this weekend for the first time since coming. I got to see a movie and climb a hill about twenty minutes away from my house on foot. Pretty cool, here is the pic. Looks pretty cool from far away but when you get close you realize it is not perfect, too crowded and a little grimy.

Long days and short nights, not much longer.


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where is the movie picture?

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